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100-240V Mini Lathe Milling Machine Bench Drill Machine DIY Woodworking Power Tool

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Name: Mini Lathe Milling Machine   
Material: Aluminum, ABS
Color: Black & Red
Input: DC12V 3A
Power: 36W
AC adapter: AC 110-240V
Speed: 2,0000rpm/min
Clamping range: 1-6mm 
Slider stroke: 35x50mm
-Base is made of advanced aluminum alloy
-Durable and not deformed
-Enjoy the joy of creation with “Transformer”
Can process wood, engineering plastics, soft metals (aluminum, copper, etc.)
·Handle these with caution to avoid injury.
·The workpiece may fly out of the chuck when being machined.
·Always make sure that the tool and workpiece are each properly secured.
·Use protection goggles when operating.
·Never touch the revolving workpiece with any part of your body.
·Keep hair and clothing well away from moving parts.
·Propulsion is furnished by a 12V direct-current motor.
·Keep working place clean and tidy, Make sure the assembly of machine part is done correctly.
·Never connect the transformer output in parallel with other transformers! If lead, plug or case of the transformer is damaged, discontinue using the transformer immediately!
Package included:
1 x Mini Lathe Milling Machine 
1 x AC Adapter
(We will provide adapter according to delivery country)

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