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110V/220V 30V 10A Mini Switching Regulated Adjustable DC Power Supply

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This power supply for high efficiency switching power supply,it has the load capability is string,continuous working failure rate is low,and had a warm,overload,current limiting and various protective functions.Can be regulated power supply using also can be used for current,voltage regulator,steady flow can be automatic conversion.Is a research,colleges and universities,the factory products such as the preferred power.
Light weight and mini size.Easy to operate.
Suitable for general or lab use.
Constant Voltage (CV ) & Constant Current (CC ) Function.
Suitable for various occasions which need to use DC Power Supply.
Power supply unit provides electronic devices with power supply of direct voltage from 0 to 30V and current from 0 to 10A .
Input Voltage: AC 110-220V / 50-60Hz
Output Voltage Range: 0–30V
Output Current Range: 0–10A
Voltage Display Accuracy: ±0.5%
Current Display Accuracy: ±0.5%Efficiency: >85%
Voltage Regulation:Load Regulation(10-100%): 50mV
Line Regulation(200-240VAC): 20mV
Ripple & Noise(P-P): 50mV
Current Regulation:Load Regulation(10-100%): 20mA
Line Regulation(200-240VAC): 20mA
Ripple & Noise(P-P): 20mA
Operating Ambient: -10℃ to + 60℃ / 30%RH to 90% RH
Dimension:70 x 160 x 215mm
Package Weight:1543g
Package includes: 
1 x Power Supply
1 x Power Line
1 x Output Line
1 x English Instruction
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