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4 in 1 Half Face Gas Mask Spray Painting Dust N95 Mist Fume Chemical Respirator

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Features :

This mask is completely equivalent to comprehensive protection function, high quality products low prices, very popular!
Half Facepiece Respirator,Large lens for wide field of view,Lightweight, balanced design.
Silicone faceseal for greater comfort and durability.
Specification :

Connection Type: Bayonet
Facepiece Type: Half Facepiece Reusable
Harness Type: 4 Point
Operation Type: Facility Safety, Maintenance, Repair & Operations, Overhaul
Primary Material: Silicone/Thermoplastic Elastomer
Color: Black
weight: 105g
Product Type: Half Facepiece
Uses: Suitable for respiratory protection of dust, organic vapors and gases

Note :

Recommended Application: Chipping, Chiseling, Furnace Operations, Grinding, Machining,Laboratories, Masonary, Pouring/Casting, Sanding, Sawing, Welding.
Recommended Industry: Agriculture, Automotive, Chemicals, Construction, General Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Primary Metals, Transportation.
Package includes :

1 x Face Mask
1 x Protection Goggle
2 x Filter Cover
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