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500W 6 Blades 12V/24V Wind Turbine Energy Power Wind Generator Built In Controller

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500W 12V/24V 6 Blades Miniature Wind Turbine Residential Home With Controller
Product Description
Blade material: fiber composite engineering plastic + aluminum alloy
Voltage: 12V/24V(You can choose)
Rated power: 500W
Rated current: 25A/12.5A
Rated speed: 900r/m
Rated wind speed: 12.5m/s
Start-up wind speed:2.0m/s
Cut-in wind speed:3.0m/s
Cut-out wind speed: 15m/s
Security wind speed: 40m/s
Wind wheel diameter 1.13m
Number of leaves: 6
Generator work form: permanent magnet three-phase alternator
● Portable maintenance-free wind generator, light weight, high power density, easy to carry;
●The motor has high efficiency. The coil is specially treated to withstand high temperatures and does not burn the motor.
●Three-phase permanent magnet alternator, using high-performance high-temperature permanent magnetic materials, high security;
● The injection molding of high-strength engineering plastics makes the wind turbine run smoothly and quietly. With a very low starting wind speed and cut-in wind speed;
● All use high-quality aluminum alloy precision castings and stainless steel accessories, the whole machine is light in weight. After careful polishing, the surface is painted by high-quality electrostatic spray paint, air tightness, beautiful appearance, and not afraid of sand, salt spray corrosion.
● Widely used in -25 °C to 45 °C ambient temperature and high humidity, sand and salt fog and other environments, with high reliability.
Application: Residential Home
How to use? (Instructions)
A good installation site should have two basic requirements: higher average wind speed and weaker turbulence.
Controller function:
The product is AC, which is converted into DC by the controller before it can be charged into the battery.
Package include:
● 1 x Wind turbines kit (stents is not included)
●1 x Manual

1.The controller is built into the machine.
2.This product does not include brackets. Pictures are for display only. Thank you.

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12V, 24V


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