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● Customizable and sufficient space: The N-Switch carrying case has a large space. The internal isolation belt allows the game accessories to be safely stored. It can store all the original accessories of the N-Switch mainframe, such as joy-con handles and charging grips. Original power adapter, handle, base, etc.
●Good security protection:Made from high-quality materials for added comfort and extra layers to protect your
The N-Switch mainframe and accessories are protected from impact and scratches and dust. The storage contains 4 removable spacers that you can freely adjust to keep all accessories safe.
● Excellent portability: The handle and shoulder strap design make your N-Switch mainframe and accessories more portable.Switch large storage bag is used to store 1 set of Switch host, original two-footed AC adapter 1, original base 1, switch Joy-con pair, switch pro handle one, switch handle one, switch original hand rope pair

Brand: Bakeey
Model: Ipega-9179
Weight: 250g
Dimensions: 130*185*247mm
Color: Black
Material: Canvas

Package  Included:
1*Storage Bag

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