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CPY-2420 12V/24V 20A USB MPPT Solar Panel Battery Charge Controller

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-Use single-chip microcomputer control, has the advantages of intelligent, strong adaptability, reliable function.
-Adopts the MPPT technology, can work in the maximum power point of the I-V curves, the efficiency is up to 99%.
-With high precision temperature detection and compensation circuit, longer battery life.
-12V/24V auto work, three stage of battery display, can intuitively understand of the working status of the controller.
-Delicate structure design and highly precise circuit design, allowing the space of the controller to be maximize.

-With over charging, over discharging, overload, short circuit and reverse polarity protection.
-With USB 5V output, can charge different digital products.
-The full name of MPPT “Maximum Power Point Tracking”, is an advanced way of charging. The MPPT controller not only can real-time detect the power of solar panels,but also can track the highest voltage current value(VI), which make the system with the highest efficiency for battery charging.

Color: Black
Size: Approx. 132 x 100 x 28mm/5.19″ x 3.93″ x 1.1″
Voltage: 12V/24V
Current: 20A
MPPT efficiency: Max: 99%
Over load,short circuit protection: ≥1.5 rated current
No load current: <10mA
Over voltage protection: 16V, x2/24V
Voltage of stop charging: 14.7V, x2/24V
Discharge recovery voltage: 12V, x2/24V
Over discharge voltage: 10.8V, x2/24V
USB Output: 5V, 1A
Weight: 291g

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1 x MPPT Solar Controller
1 x User manual

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