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Handheld Car GPS Mobile Phone Signal Isolator Jammer UQ

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The received signal shielding device only shield GPS terminal, for weeks in other electronic communication equipment and t anssmission without any negative impact and interfere nee. This machine cover is in the range of 1-15meters (Depending on the strength of the satellite signal ) within the scope of a postioning terminal GPS positing teminal contact with the outside worid completely inter rupted.
1. The surface of the two international most advanced oxidation process
2. 1-15 meter can effectively shield the distance adjustment
3. Low power consumption, no damage to human bidy and enveronment protretion
4. Articles for easy concealment, small volume, light weight


Color: Black
Size: 95x45x18mm/3.7inchx1.8inchx0.7 inch
Charge power supply: AC110-250V
Built-in battery: DC5V 1500mAh
Power consumption: 0.4/h
Effective distance: 1-15M

Instructions for use:
1. Open the GPS device, install the corresponding abtenna.
2. When the device is the indicator light is on, the normal work.
3. Insert the car cigarette lighter power supply.
4. The machine comes with a battery, working time:1-15 hours (depending on the battery charging condition)
5. Please give the host fully charged before use. Fully charge indicator light goes out automatically exhibit to ensure the best effect of host work.
6. After use, the shutdown can be.


Supported frequencies:  CDMA/GSM: 700-800MHz, GPS: 1500-1600MHz, DCS/PHS: 1

Packaged Included:
1 X GPS  Signal Jammer (3G/4G, Click here)
3 X Antenna
1 X Car cigarette lighter
1 X AC/DC Adaptor
1 X Charging Cable
1 X User Manual


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