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High Temperature Disinfection Pot Beauty Nail Tools Sterilizer Clean Tool

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Model: A36337
Name: High Temperature Beauty Nail Tools Sterilizer Disinfection Clean Art Pot
Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic)shell,Aluminum liner
Color : White
Rated power: 100W
Voltage: AC110V-120V US Plug) / AC220V-240VEU Plug)
Rated Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Peak Temp: 170 Celsius
Whole Size: approx.16 x 16cm
Liner Size: approx.6.5*4.1cm
Power Cable length: approx.1M(EU Plug)
Product Weight: approx.600g
Application: Best for metal tools, such as nail nippers and tweezers, Ddental tools, kitchen small cutters,salon peelers, eye-brow beauty and tattoo needles.
Operation Steps
1. Open the lid, pour the disinfection beads into the interior, plug in the power, press “-“, start to work.
2. Put in the stainless steel tools. The light will powe on / off repeatly in the process of sterilization.
When the temperature is up to 150°C, it will automatically power off ;
When the temperature is lower than 80°C, it will automatically power on.
Disinfection is completed after 15 minutes.
Please Note :
Using low-high temperature design, the disinfection work process is repeated by the temperature changing.
Please do not pull the plug when it is working.
– High temperature aluminum liner material manufacturing, the liner can not be disassembled. Smart thermostat heating, high safety factor. ABS plastic outer, humanized design with nine vent holes on both sides, three vents at the bottom, safer rest assured. Will not hot your hand when you touch the outer.
– High temperature disinfection insteads of the traditional hot water disinfection, can kill more than 99.9% of stubborn bacteria and viruses. Put the glass beads into the inner pot, the intelligent sterilizer can automatically increase to 150°C when you plug in the power, which keeps the tools clean and sterile.
– Suitable for professional or personal use
– Convenience, no pollution, save electricity and long term usage
– Maintain high temperature about 200℃ with glass ball
– Only glass ball can be allowed to put into the inner pot of the machine, which sent to you with the machine
Only the glass beads can be put into the inner pot,Any liquid are not allow to pour into the machine!But if the beads are get black, please purchase new beads, stop using the black beads.
Package Included:
1 x Tools Sterilizer
1 x Bag Glass Ball
– Not Included Other Tools!

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110V US Plug, 220V EU Plug


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